FastComet Review

FastComet Review

FastComet Reviews – Expert in SSD Hosting

Looking for legitimate FastComet Reviews? Yes, then you have reached the spot that you have searched for. We are now ready to give the FastComet review of FastComet Reviews after testing it for last seven months.

Now it’s time to reveal what we found. Stay with this post to know more and more about FastComet web hosting. We insist you to read the full review before making a decision whether to purchase FastComet or not.

FastComet is one of most used web hosting in the world. FastComet’s non-compromising attitude to provide the highest performance to its customers is the key factor that making them stronger in the web hosting market every year.

No hosting company is 100% perfect in this world. But while comparing to the other web hosting companies of same category, FastComet really have something special for its customers.

Fast Comet are in system administration business for more than seven years, and later started offering SSD hosting services to the public in 2013 becoming an official hosting partner for many multinational companies till now.

Before getting deep into the FastComet Review, Let me tell you a few things about them. FastComet web hosting company was started in 2000’s and shifted to public cloud hosting in 2013.

FastComet is a huge hosting company which has more than 11,500 customers across 70 countries in the world. They are strictly ethical and you cannot host a porn website or any other illegal contents on FastComet servers. While many other websites are affected by different security breach, this ethical decision made FastComet much safer.

Other than web hosting, FastComet also provides Domain Registration facility to its customers. They are now more focused on packaged solutions rather than normal web hosting services.

One of my friends recently makes use of their open cart hosting to quick start his e-commerce website. Open Cart is an e-commerce Platform and you can Install it by a single click after hosting your domain in FastComet.

There are many reasons why we prefer this web host for your hosting needs. We have so much to tell you about FastComet web hosting.



Starting Price



  • Free Domain Forever
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • 45 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Site Builder
  • 1-Click CMS Installer
  • Let’s Encrypt Free SSL
  • Renewal Price Does Not Go Up


  • Smallest Plan Come With One Website Limitation
  • Some Drawbacks to Cancellation Policy
  • Doesn’t Support Ruby on Rails

Speed Test

Our speed test uses the website as the target and has been tested with the Bitcatcha server speed checker. Please note that FastComet is offering different servers locations so it is possible that the current speed test could not reflect the exact speed for your location.

FastComet have a total of 7 datacenters that are split into 3 differents continents: North America, Europe and Asia.

US (West)US (East)LondonSingaporeSao PauloPuneSydneyJapan
59 ms27 ms126 ms225 ms163 ms290 ms216 ms1723 ms

Average Load Time / Uptime

After using FastComet for the last 187 days, we got 99.99% till now. The downtime happened only once and it lasted for 147 seconds according to the uptime robot analysis. We have tested more than 50 web hosts till date and this is the first time we are getting a value that a web host has promised.

We are also using some premium web hosts like SiteGround, WP Engine, BlueHost etc. But according to latest uptime report, these web hosts are providing an uptime average in between 99.96% and 99.98%. The upper hand is uptime, making Fastcomet stronger to compete with the big guns in the web hosting Industry.

Web hosts which having an uptime below 99.93% are not good for business websites and in that case FastComet providing an appreciable uptime value for business websites.

The main factor to choose the best web hosting is the speed. The better speed, the better the engagement with your visitors. For every internet users, the site speed is important factor faster site creates happy users and if your site is loading in slow motion, then you are automatically losing the visitors which are a negative factor to consider.

Comparing to other hosting providers, it serves with high performing speed and helps you to optimize for optimal performance. The site loads at 603MS, which is approximately less than one second. If your website is down meant every visitor will close your site and will look up to another website hence, you will lose some leads. So it’s mandatory to have a website in Upstate always.

That’s why I force everyone to choose FastComet provider because they are the boss and check my website uptime report I had only one minutes of downtime for last 30 days and this is the maximum downtime I ever had on this blog.

Hosting Packages

We can now take a look at what FastComet has to offer regarding the services mentioned earlier on in the article.

Shared Hosting Plan

Shared hosting plans are the most economical hosting plans one could get, especially if you are an individual or a small business. FastComet shared hosting plans are available in three categories: StartSmart, ScaleRight, and SpeedUp.
FastComet SSD Hosting Package


Their lowest priced plan which contains features to run a single small website having monthly unique visits below 25 000. Returning visitors will not be counted and this will be a huge advantage for startup bloggers to run a website by enjoying the perk of unlimited page views per month.

Choosing the StartSmart Plan will give you the ability to store data up to 15GB in an SSD Storage device. The StartSmart is the most affordable of the three plans, starting at $2.95 per month. It has essential features such as Solid State Drive (SSD) web space of up to 15GB, a free domain name, daily backups, Sever Name Indicator (SNI) as well as a 45-day guarantee on getting your money back should it not work for you.


Is the most suitable web hosting package for the growing websites which had a monthly unique visit less than 50 000. The ScaleRight plan will power your website with the 4 Core CPU, 3GB RAM and 25GB SSD Hard disk. The average daily CPU usage is 30%. The Cron Job interval for ScaleRight plan is 30Minutes. Which is a good interval since making the Cron Job interval very minimum will cause high load on the server and it will increase the page load time for your website.

The ScaleRight plan goes for $6.95 per month and is suitable for those who have multiple sites. It features the SSD web space of up to 25 GB, a free SSL certificate from Lets Encrypt, as well as a 45-day guarantee of getting your money back. Apart from these, there’s also a control panel (cPanel), 1-click installer and resources made for website optimization.


Has the ability to run websites with 100 000 monthly unique visitors. The 6 Core CPU, 6GB RAM, and 35GB SSD hard disk make it so powerful and you can handle unlimited page views without cracking your website. You will also get an additional perk of free GlobalSign Private SSL for a lifetime.

The SpeedUp plan starts at $12.95 per month. This plan can accommodate as many sites as possible. It features a 35GB SSD space, a free SSL certificate from Global Sign, a personal DNS, as well as the cPanel, 1-click installer, security and backup features.

Cloud VPS Hosting Plan

FastComet Cloud VPS hosting is another popular hosting plan among many medium-sized sites. It offers the freedom of having to set your attributes for the server, but also the advantage of it being affordable, given that it operates in a virtual environment. Cloud, on the other hand, makes the information available from wherever you are.

FastComet VPS is offered with the SSD technology. This plan provides a much faster time in getting your data or finding the site from the server. It has four categories of plans, which are VPS Cloud 1 to VPS Cloud 4.

These four categories are priced differently for clients in the USA, Europe, and Asia. The four plans feature a cPanel, Softaculous, hosting of an unlimited number of websites, support, and monitoring services.

FastComet Cloud VPS Hosting Package

Dedicated Hosting Plan

The dedicated hosting plan is offered in FastComet through their dedicated servers. Dedicated hosting is suited to those individuals or businesses that have a significant number of site visitors, for optimized performance regarding loading time.

FastComet’s dedicated servers are offered in four plans, namely DS 1, DS 2, DS 3 and DS 4. All these plans are hosted on Intel’s Xeon CPU E5-2680 [email protected] The only difference is that DS 1 uses the Quad-Core, DS 2 uses Hexa-Core, DS 3 uses Octa-Core while DS 4 uses Hexadeca-Core. DS 1 starts at $139 per month while DS4 goes for $419 per month.

The features included in this plan are a free cPanel, optimized speed, and performance through SSD file storage, security, and backup as well as a hosting environment that supports Perl, Nginx, and PHP.

FastComet Dedicated Hosting Package

Hosting Features

Most Advanced Caching Mechanism

Varnish Cache

Varnish cache is the superior caching technology which improves your Time to First Byte (TTFW) to a greater extent 10x thus delivering the fast loading websites. You just need to Turn ON to enable Varnish cache.

CacheWall (formerly known as xVarnish) is a control panel system for Varnish Cache, the web application accelerator, created for cPanel shared web hosts. The tool takes care of implementing Varnish cache which is responsible for optimizing and delivering fast loading sites lowering the response time of the websites.

Google Pagespeed

Fastcomet servers come loaded with Google page speed optimization. It’s a tool which improves page load time faster by 21%, and Google develops this technique. You just need to enable this option from the cPanel.

PHP 7 With APC and OptimumCache

OptimumCache reduces memory usage, decreases the number of disk operations – all while improving your website’s response time. APC is an alternate caching mechanism that caches objects instead of the whole page providing fast loading images.

CloudFlare CDN Caching

CloudFlare operates 110 global locations around the world. The CDN automatically caches your static files at our edge nodes, so these files are stored closer and delivered faster to your visitors while delivering your dynamic content directly from your web server.

To create an account with CloudFare, just navigate through cPanel, you will find the different options.


Memcached is a memory caching system used by one of the most popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia, which significantly improve your website performance.

Improves your Site SEO

Fastcomet has a good policy which is ignored by most web hosts over the world. They don’t allow Websites which has child porn, spam and scam sites to get hosted on their servers. First, know how Shared web hosting works.

It’s a single server where hundreds of websites hosted on the same IP. Let’s look at this condition. If a server contains 200 sites and 100 of them are related to porn, gambling, viruses, etc. as mentioned above, then your website will be considered as spam by Google, since all sites using the same IP.

Same Renewal Price

You can renew all your services at the same prices you signed up. For example, if you got a single website plan for $2.95/month, you can pay the same amount for your lifetime.

There is a 45-day money back guarantee: If you are not happy they will provide a full refund and also there is no contract required, and you are free to cancel your service anytime with no extra charges.

Free Backup & Monitoring

JetBackUp is the company which provides Cpanel based Backup tools which usually costs around $3.95 per month but comes for free along with FastComet. You can take full account, File, DNS Zone, Email accounts, Cron jobs, SSL Cert and Database backups. Suppose anything gets messy, you can always restore from a point-in-time recovery snapshot, completely free of charge.

Their proactive monitoring approach prevents 99% of most common web hosting issues and ensures excellent performance and continuous uptime for your website, and they store backups up to 30 days based on packages.

FastComet has a daily and weekly routine for data backup. They do back up for every client files including databases and emails to an independent storage arrangement. They ensure that there will not be any loss of data even if faced the worst Storage device damage.

FastComet servers are highly protected and it has web application firewall optimized for WordPress, Joomla and Magento. This could prevent vulnerable threats to a maximum level. Recent threats like WannaCry Ransomware attack make it so important to improve security features of every hosting company around the world.

Proactive Security Monitoring

They will do a regular audit on their servers to protect sites from virus scan and malware. That’s what tech people say as Proactive monitoring. Their Web Application Firewall stops attacks at the network edge, protecting your site from common web threats and stops attacks before they even reach your website.

For an update, FastComet recently made a partnership with BitNinja to offer better security for its servers. BitNinja is known for its all in one security solutions defending websites by incorporating machine language to prevent attacks.

Seven Datacenters Locations

FastComet provides service from seven data centers across the globe (most when compared to competitors). They are:

  1. Chicago, US North
  2. Dallas, US Central
  3. London, UK Europe
  4. Frankfurt, Germany, Europe
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe
  6. Singapore, Asia-Pacific
  7. Tokyo, Japan, Asia

You can do speed test of the data centers from your location. It is always better to choose a datacenter near to your location for getting a better speed. Since FastComet has many datacenters all over the world, choosing a nearby datacenter will be easy for peoples of any countries.

Every datacenters have 24/7 security, power back up, fire protection system and a cooling system. It will ensure the safety and performance of Hosted websites.

Free Domain Hosting for Life

One of the most noticeable advantages of FastComet is their lifetime free domain registration. Along with every hosting plan, you can register a free domain and according to the information on FastComet website, it is free for lifetime.

I have been spending 10-20 dollars every year for renewing my domain and getting a free domain for a lifetime is something very eye pulling.

Actually, the domain name will be for free as long as we are using FastComet web hosting service and if you are transferring your website to any other web host, you have to pay $13.95 per year for the domain.

But the best part is, you can also transfer the domain to any other registrant without any hustle. The domains included for the free registration are: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .in,, .us. .eu, .ca, .es, .ru, .cn, .nl, .de.

CPanel Features

Best Open Source Provider – WordPress, Joomla, Magneto
  • Provides more than 150+ best and powerful application with one click installation.
  • Free open cart theme.
  • Extra features for e-commerce platforms
  • Free module installation services to add extra features to your website.
  • Free templates installations to website for better looking appearance.
  • Free virus scan and malware protections to stay away from hackers.
  • Free application upgrades keep your website applications up-to-date.
  • Free video tutorials by experts to get started
SEO And Marketing Tools

It comes with a free SEO and marketing tools it teaches you about SEO and helps to learn about SEO techniques although it’s a simple tool still useful to people who have no knowledge about SEO stuff. SEO tool consists of:

  • Get In Google – Get indexed by Google search Engine and also by major search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and to increase website traffic.
  • One Click Sitemap – Generate sitemap for your site with one click process which is compulsory for every site.
  • Increase website Traffic.
  • Link Building Tools – It comes under Paid service.
  • Free SEO tips for your site performance to increase website Traffic.
Unlimited Pro Email Accounts
  • For making more professional it provides unlimited email accounts with with several features like
  • Auto responders – Set a mail with date and time it will send the mail automatically.
  • Forwarders – send a copy of any incoming mail from one address to another address.
  • Track delivery – Track delivery of any email which you sent the recipients in case of any problem.
  • Email filters – These can be used to block any particular email address and also to avoid spam messages.

A Fast Comet web hosting has the following features:

  • IP Blocker – This is used for blocking any IP address to prevent from accessing your site.
  • Hot Link Protection – prevents other websites from directly linking files to your website such as jpg, jpeg, gif, png, BMP.

Leech Protection – It allows you to prevent your users from publicly posting their passwords to a restricted area of your sites.

Back up & Restore Wizard
  • One touch back up your website.
  • And restore your website at any time.
  • Fast file restore.
Change Language

Its supports not only English but also many different language by serving user a better friendly environment to access their control Panel in their favorite Language.

Mobile friendly Support
  • Creates mobile friendly website automatically.
  • Access Client area and Control panel via any device.
  • Submit any ticket or request via phone, tablet, or computer device.
  • Manage your account details.
  • Top up your account instantly.

Domain Service

The domain is essential for your website. There is no way visitors can locate your site if it does not have a domain, which is your site’s URL. The domain can either be bought at a Domain Name Registrar or at your web hosting company.

FastComet offers free domain registration upon signing up to be hosted by the company. This is very applicable and convenient for those who are having their site hosted for the first time on the World Wide Web. There are terms and conditions to be followed during this process.

However, if you are planning to be a customer and already have a domain name for your site, then you can transfer it to your host company. FastComet offers this for a fee. Terms and conditions, as well as some paperwork, will have to be strictly followed during this process.

FastComet SSL

If you have a website that transacts a lot on-line or takes user details on-line, then you will need to secure your site from fraudulent practices. We are by now all aware of how one’s personal details can be stolen from the internet.

To secure your data, as well as your client’s personal details, you will need to have an SSL certificate. Besides, since the SSL is now one of the ranking factors in the eye of Google, webmasters are advised to implement SSL on their website.

FastComet offers two types of SSL certificates; one from Global Sign and the other from Let’s Encrypt. You will thus get different features and benefits when you choose a plan that offers either of these for free, or when you decide to purchase your own private SSL certificate, specifically from Global Sign. Global Sign provides not just the protections, but also a host of other benefits.

WordPress Hosting

FastComet also hosts WordPress websites. In fact, it is hard to find a hosting company out there that doesn’t support WordPress. WordPress is hosted under the open source hosting services and has some of the essential WordPress features such as 1-click WordPress installation, backup and restore, virus and malware scans, and other advanced security features.

This makes it highly compatible and safe for use with WordPress sites.
One of the most important things to consider when looking for a WordPress website hosting is the speed which your site can be loaded, as well as the customer service offered by the company.

WordPress WooCommerce

WooCommerce is also another application that many people use to build their online stores. FastComet offers WooCommerce hosting same as the shared hosting solution. WooCommerce is available as a plugin, and more complex applications within the platform are offered at a price. Besides, FastComet also offers free WooCommerce and extensions installation service.

Joomla Hosting

FastComet optimizes the Joomla hosting solution. The hosting solution is basically the same when compared to the shared hosting. FastComet shared hosting platform is optimized for many applications, including Joomla.

FastComet is receiving positive reviews on its support for Joomla; mainly due to its SSD powered hosting that makes it possible to load your site very fast. It also has some great free Joomla templates for use.

Support and Customer Service

Hands down! The best customer support folks works at FastComet. Each employee undergoes three-month extensive training on various technologies before handling support tickets.

If you have problem on SSL installations, you can reach the right person by clicking on SSL installation/setup without wasting a single second. They have a rocket-fast support team which takes 10 minutes or less response time for all ticket inquiries. Apart from it, you can use website transfer by which you can move your site from your old host for completely free of cost.

FastComet has a very fast responding customer support. Their live chat is so quick that you can get a reply within seconds. It also has a toll-free number and an email support. Before writing this FastComet Review, We have contacted their customer support center many times and we are happy with their esteemed support.

The average response delay of FastComet customer care was 3.8 Minutes. If you are a customer, you can also avail their ticket system by logging into their client area. The toll-free number will not work all the time and it will be easy for you to use their chat system for getting a quick response from their side.

Refund Policy

During any cancellation or refund request the Company will act in a fair and trustworthy way to resolve any issue that the Customer may experience. In case the service is no longer suitable for the Customer or the service does not meet the Customer’s expectations, the Company will attempt to act in the Customer’s best interest as long as this meets the Company’s Terms of Service and Terms of Use.

The Customer understands and agrees that their services with The Company will be billed on a recurring basis, unless The Customer informs The Company that they want to cancel any or all of the provided services by submitting a Cancellation Request form in the Client Area.

All renewal payments are not eligible for a refund and it is the sole responsibility of The Customer to make sure that their payment information is kept up to date, as well as all invoices are paid on time or the service is canceled prior the service due date.

Cancelation requests for renewal payments must be submitted at least 24 hours before 11:59AM EDT of the renewal date. All payments conducted after this moment is considered as non-refundable.

If the Customer fails to comply with this requirement, The Company has the sole right to suspend his account until renewal payment is received.


I have seen many of them writing FastComet reviews to promote the product with their affiliate links, and their only aim is to review the FastComet hosting provider without using the product. But I am reviewing FastComet solely because I have registered both domains and hosting with them and I have discussed all about and written this FastComet review.

You can check my domain speed and Trust me you can choose FastComet to your website. They are continuing to win many hearts day by day because of its secured hosting and promises to provide super and better web hosting plans to the users, so choosing this hosting is the right choice which I can give assurance and still if you need any further information go to their website reach 24/7 support center and clarify your doubts.

FastComet web Hosting is a good option for websites handling low data. It is a growing company and it seems they are upgrading their servers and Hardware for making it a top notch web hosting company.

With a wide option of datacenters, cheap web hosting price which including a lifetime free domain, best in class uptime and quick customer support FastComet will be the best option.

The operating system they are providing was Linux and there is no other choice to choose. But it will be a good option for WordPress users to start a website by hosting with FastComet.