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There is a lot of reason for why you could look for an SSD web hosting reviews site and the main reason is because you want to improve the speed on your website. As we understand this problem… We have decided to make the research for you and test multiple SSD hosting services in the objective to give you the best choice for your website hosting needs!

Web Hosting Comparison
Product NameStarting PricingStarter PackageScore

$3.95/month Free SSL Certificate
Great Security Features
Daily Backup
10GB SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
1 Website Hosted


$7.99/month Anytime Money Back Guarantee
Linux & Windows Hosting
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Transfer
1 Website Hosted


$2.95/month Great Hosting Dashboard
Unlimited Bandwidth
50GB Disk Space
Free SSL Certificates
1 Website Hosted


$7.99/month Free Domain Registration
250$ Free Advertising Credits
Free Malware Protection
Unlimited Disk Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Websites Hosted


$2.95/month Free Domain For Life
Unmetered Traffic
15GB SSD Space
1 Website Hosted



In this digital world, online businesses have the rising need to enhance their websites further. An online venture’s website is its most powerful tool. Thus, it is a must to take care of every single detail that promotes its overall enhancement. Among the important things to consider in making your website stand out are its speed factor and overall performance. To give through regard to this, choosing the appropriate hosting service is necessary.

People used to stick to the HDD Hosting (regular web hosting). However, with the tighter demand from the market, they have looked for better options that can enable their sites to be much adored by their clients. One of the most preferred resorts today is the SSD or Solid State Drives. Websites that are SSD- based get to speed up their e-commerce applications and access time. An SSD-based site loads three to five times faster than the regular web hosting.  The power and performance are utterly heightened. This makes SSD hosting way ahead of the curve.

The following are further advantages of SSD hosting:

Web Hosting Performance

With a faster data access, the data- driven websites of today can potentially generate pages out from hundreds of database queries. Many websites nowadays are driven by open source web applications like Joomla, WordPress, or Drupal. As a user takes a visit to these sites, the user’s visit will trigger the database queries as well as the content access. If you are using an HDD hosting, the access can turn slow because of the HDDs’ mechanical movement. Explicitly speaking, HDDs store data on an actuator arm and rotating disks. Thus, it has to move to access the stored information. This physical movement consumes a great deal of time, leading to a slow performance. On the other hand, when SSD is used, it simultaneously reads and writes data. This leads to a more favorable browsing experience for the visitors because of the reduced loading period.

An e-commerce site’s loading speed is a big deal since it can affect the generation of sales. A slow website correlatively drives lower sales. Clients might get impatient of waiting too much, leading them to leave the cart or the website completely. If you think a 4-second loading time is adequate enough, better think twice because you can potentially lose 25% sales if you decide to overlook that. Even if you’re not selling anything, having faster access time could boost your site’s usability. This leads to more page views, more interaction, and more revenues. SSD removes the risk of missing any opportunity. It is a big plus in enhancing database queries, file access, and overall usability. Even if the difference in terms of raw data access time as compared to the regular web hosting is just measured in milliseconds, when your website experiences heavy traffic, every millisecond counts. Give SSD hosting a try and you’ll see a big difference.


SSD drives utilize a non-volatile storage of data. Unlike the RAM which has a regular volatile memory, this can save the loss of data should the power be disconnected.  SSD also has no moving parts, which means that they are less likely to encounter vibration damage or shock. The scary possibility of losing your data can be shooed away with the use of SSD.   You still need to backup your site for complete safety, but using SSD hosting can avoid the potential risks of those any extreme cases.

Environmental Considerations

The internet generation now highly demands an increased cloud storage and data requirements. It is essential that we take care of the environment- friendly means to supercharge such advancement. SSDs take a lesser amount of energy compared to spinning drives. If individual server usage is observed, it might not depict a great deal of impact. However, if you look at the general scale of the whole data centers, a big deal of environmental savings can be drawn out.

If you are currently having a hosting plan already, you can see a whole lot of benefits if you decide to migrate to an SSD hosting. Prices are relatively the same so no need to pay a premium price. SSD hosting plan might somehow cause you to see a marginally condensed storage allowance, but this is not a big deal since you don’t need to maximize it anyway. What is a little space for a total boost in your site’s overall performance?

If you are on your way to establishing your website or if you’re still on the web development stage, there’s no reason not to see myriad of favors in SSD hosting. The enhanced core performance, faster caching and swift database queries are the chief formula in generating increased traffic, more sales, and better revenue. The success of your venture is in your hands. Choose the most favorable tool and see your website soar high.